Friday, August 27, 2010

Quinn Gets Bucky Badger Mail

Just shy of turning two and Quinn gets a special surprise in the mail. Bucky Badger has sent him a letter, some tattoos and various other Badger stuff. Okay, so it wasn't Bucky. It was his aunt Brianna. Quinn is obsessed with Bucky. Has been since he was only months old. I don't know if was the colors red, black and white or the oversized head, but Quinn was smitten! We have obviously encouraged this love with trips to Madison, etc. Clearly, his aunt encourages it as well. Here is some video of the little guy checking out his Badger mail.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quinn Busting a Move

Okay, I swear we don't watch that much T.V. It just happens to be time I have my phone handy and think of grabbing a video. He is so darn cute how could I resist. I love the way kids actively watch T.V. Quinn isn't one to stand still, so he busts out a few moves while putting in his T.V. time. For the record, it is Nick Jr.