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Hello! I am Megan (mom to Quinn and Eleanor). I am the voice behind this blog. I love my children dearly and every now and then am overcome with the panic that time is passing too quickly and my children are growing up too fast. Is that normal? I have countless moments with them in a day that I could freeze and live in forever. When this panic hits I have the overwhelming urge to start documenting (hence the blog).

I am a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate with a degree in English and Education. I spent five years teaching before giving up my career to stay at home with my children. It isn't a cushy lifestyle, but one I believe in whole-heartedly. Remember those moments I want to freeze and could live in forever? Well those moments would be few and far between if I was still teaching. I also thought that nursing my children until their first birthday was important. This would be an incredibly difficult task if I went back to work at 12 weeks.

I met my husband, Ross my sophomore year of college in an art class and the rest is history. He is a graphic designer and an incredible father. Obviously I loved him when I married him, but seeing him father our children has made me love him in a new and deeper way. I feel so lucky to have him by my side through two pregnancies, two c-sections and two years of nursing. None of these are easy feats and I don't know how I would have done it without his support.

We are very much influenced by the way we grew up. We both stayed at home with our moms (who worked nights and weekends). We both had involved fathers who coached us, played with us and attended all our events. Ross comes from a family of five and I come from a family of six so three or four kids sounds good to us. We both did well in school, grew up playing sports, and had parents who put very few restrictions on us. We strongly believe in getting children involved. Quinn has already done gymnastics.

As parents we believe in exposing our children to as much as possible. We think the more life experiences they have the more they will grow. We love to read to our children. We rarely ever yell. I do have a tone and look that tells Quinn I am serious. We have never hit our children, nor do we plan on it. We believe that you can never hug, kiss, snuggle, touch and love a child enough. We tell Quinn and Eleanor how much we love them and how special they are constantly. We believe in teaching empathy and kindness. We believe in sitting down to dinner together. We strongly believe that parenting is the hardest (and best) job in the world and that it takes insane amounts of patience.

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