This is a place to store those funny, memorable, sweet, embarrassing, etc. things my kids say.

September 8, 2011: Tucking Quinn in.
  • Quinn: "I love you mommy. You are my best friend ever"
October 2011:
  • Me: "Wonder Who we will run into today?" Quinn: "Just say I didn't see you walking there. Excuse me."
  • As we drive over a bridge I refer to Quinn as a "stinker" and Quinn says, "That wasn't me mommy, that was the tires" referring to the sound of the car tires on the bridge.
  • Quinn: "Echo", Ross: "what?", Quinn, "You know! Where you say something and you hear your voice come back."
  • Ross keeps telling me to stop rhyming everything. Here are a few reasons why. Quinn playing with his action figures and talking to Batman, "You need your capey wapey" and "Mom, my bottom is itchy b@tchy". Yes, I managed to act totally normal and not make a big deal. 
  • Quinn likes to tell me that "I'm not big enough to watch this movie" when he is wrestling or playing rough. I think he is afraid I am going to tell him no.

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