Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go Pack!

Today I came home from work and it was the middle of the Packer Game. Quinn adorably is playing football with his daddy. He picks up everything. They were talking about a player breaking his ankle last year so Quinn kept telling me while he was playing that he broke his ankle. I love when he plays and he pretends to put on his helmet (says click and all) and puts on his cleats (packer shoes) and ties them all up. He always has such a serious look on his face while he gets his pretend gear on. These are the kind of things I never want to forget. Quinn loves tackling. He shows very little interest in playing catch, but he is all about the tackle. Funny that a boy so sweet can be so aggressive.

While I was at work Quinn got a bath and smelled like baby (even though he is not). I love that smell. When I tucked him in tonight he told me I was his best friend ever. Heart melted!

Look Mom! I Can Roll & Spin This

Sometimes kids just grow leaps and bounds. This was one of those weeks for Eleanor. She started rolling over this week (a handful of times now). Eleanor has also been rocking the hand-eye coordination. The other day she grabbed her rainforest toy and held it while spinning the spinner (we even captured it on video). Eleanor has also managed to figure out how to kick the music toy in her crib and make it play. This is purposeful, because she does it over and over again after the music finishes. Genius...I know! This week we also welcomed fall. Eleanor was so cute in her 6/9 month jeggings and 9 month fleece that I had to snap some pictures.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quinn Loves Rock'n'Roll

Quinn loves music. He loves listening to music, dancing to music, singing and playing instruments. He seems especially drawn to rock'n'roll. He loves to rock out on the air guitar and often makes up songs. He makes up songs about anything and everything. One such song went something like this: I'm all alone. I'm all alone in the ocean. An alligator took my momma's necklace. Then there was the shish kabob song where he just sang shish kabob. He even counts down: 1, 2, 3...hit it! If he is holding drum sticks he will hit those together. I'm kind of tempted to get the kid drum lessons. Call me crazy! Quinn loves to say "cool dude" and "you rock!". It is seriously adorable.  I love the free spirit with which he dances, sings, rocks out and expresses himself. I will be heartbroken when he grows up and sensors is joy.

video from 9/4/2011