Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

This Halloween's obsession for Quinn was candy corn. He kept asking for it and turns out he loves it. The other treat that got him super excited this year were Cheetos. When he got them while out trick-or-treating he yelled something along the lines of, "Cool Dude" and was ready to be done trick-or-treating just so he could go home and eat his Cheetos. Kids!

October 2011 Wrap Up

October has been a busy month for us. The month started off with a visit from my sister for her bridal shower and victory for the Badgers over Nebraska. Eleanor rocked her cheerleading costume for the big game.

Mid-game my mom got a little chomp from Eleanor. That is right. The little girl's bottom two teeth were coming in (October 1, 2011)! I gotta tell ya, nothing cheers me up like that little grin with those to teeth. This month Eleanor had a lot of big changes. We introduced the her jumper.

That girl seriously likes to go crazy in that thing. She loves it. Check out the video of her going crazy!

Video Coming Soon!

Eleanor is also rolling all over the place. She adores her brother! She literally laughs at everything he does. Quinn can't get enough of her either. The other day he asked me to get her out of her crib so she could play after she had been napping for a long time. He constantly asks where she is when she isn't with us. He loves to rub her cheeks and say, "cheekers weekers". He made that one up himself. He also likes to imitate a Bernstein Bears New Baby book where baby bear pops brother bear in the nose. He will continuously take Eleanor's hand and make it pop him in the nose and then throw himself back dramatically. She loves it!

This month Quinn turned three!! He woke up to Balloons in his room, streamers in his door and a present at the bottom of the stairs (Lion King). He was so excited about this. In the morning I heard him yelling from the top of the stairs, "Mommy, mommy! There are balloons in my room. How did they get there?". He was so excited he ran right past his present. It was a great way to start off such a special day. I knew it was a true hit when I was tucking him in and he asked me to put balloons in his room again.

Of course there was a party! He got a Badger party as requested. Guests included his aunts, uncles and cousin along with his friend Carter and my cousin's daughter Kennedy and their families. We did deli sandwiches and a kick butt dessert table.

This year was all about the transformers and action figures. The Party also included a jumpy house, which was a surprise for the little guy.

We also marked this new year in his life with a little photo shoot. I can't believe my baby boy is three!

Of course we couldn't finish up the October round up with out some Halloween goodies. We hit up lots of pumpkin farms. Quinn road three ponies, Taco, Matt, and Cherokee. We did Boo at the Zoo and regular old Trick-or-Treating. Quinn was a monkey and Eleanor was a strawberry.